jt65 traffic

 I like work in jt65 on hf bands. This nice mode created by Joe Taylor K1JT , Nobel Size 1993 is great. With little power and good antenna or better place you can work some far country very easy. I used lontime sdrflex 1500 with only 5 w last year and 10 w these latest months.

This week i worked pj2mi on 15 m with 15 w and antenna delta 40 m matched. 

JT65HF is a nice software which run very well . 

Be carreful to be all the time synchronize pc. Used Dimension4 or Mainberg software.


This soft is used too in VHF, UHF in metteor scatter and in EME.

i finded a nice pdf help file to setup better your software.

update 08/08/2013 

very happy last moning i noticed that the maestro, k1jt, spotted me on 40 m in jt65 ! , its great never seen before one nobel size on HF bands with his call K1JT

but remember this wonderful mode is great for dx and witha little power you can work a far stations ; please European station dont call other europeen station specially when the band are open ie 30 september 2013

pic in example ; was a german station who called me while us stations answered at one brit station ....please read the doc 

Update 06/01/2014 Creazy these latest weeks its become very hard to make any qso in jt65 mode on hf band because some new users havnt uderstand that they must using ONLY a little power and not 100 W ! and this mode is terrible for DX trafic not for make a qsos between europeens stations ! some other mode are nice for qsos between europeen like ssb …:) today i worked a VK2 in 15m with only 10 w in the delta 40 m matched for 15m band.  

Update june 2014

je viens de terminer un des diplomes les plus recherché, le WAS (Worked All States) , soit tous les Etats Américains. 47 états ont été contactés en mode digital, je ne desepére pas d’arriver à 50 !

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